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Self-Management And Recovery Training

The SMART Recovery 4-Point Program® 

SMART Recovery is not a 12-step based program. SMART Recovery teaches participants about the essential points that contribute to a successful recovery. The four points of the SMART program are
  • building and maintaining motivation to change self defeating behaviour
  • coping with urges and cravings
  • problem solving
  • lifestyle balance

The SMART Recovery 4-Point Program®  has tools that focus on essential points helps people recover from all types of addiction and addictive behaviors. SMART Recovery® sponsors face-to-face meetings around the world, and daily online meetings. In addition, 
our online message board and 24/7 chat room are excellent forums to learn about SMART Recovery and obtain addiction recovery support. Read more

Our Approach

Our approach for addiction and alcohol abuse 
  • Teaches self-empowerment and self-reliance.
  • Provides meetings that are educational, supportive and include open discussions.
  • Encourages individuals to recover from addiction and alcohol abuse and live satisfying lives.
  • Teaches techniques for self-directed change.
  • Supports the scientifically informed use of psychological treatments and legally prescribed psychiatric and addiction medication.
  • Works on substance abuse, alcohol abuse, addiction and drug abuse as complex maladaptive behaviors with possible physiological factors.
  • Evolves as scientific knowledge in addiction recovery evolves.
  • Differs from Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and other 12-step programs.


SMART Recovery is a recognized resource for substance abuse and addiction recovery by the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Center for Health Care Evaluation, The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), US Department of Health and Human Services, and the American Society of Addiction Medicine. More information here!

SMART Recovery® is the leading self-empowering addiction recovery support group. Our participants learn tools for addiction recovery based on the latest scientific research and participate in a world-wide community which includes free, self-empowering, science-based mutual help groups.
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Self-Management And Recovery Training