Handouts and Worksheets

The SMART Recovery® Online library has a number of  recovery focused worksheets and  self-improvement exercises. These include the Cost - Benefit - Analysis, ABC's of REBT worksheet and the Change Plan worksheet. These are only a few of the exercises available. Many of the exercises are matched to the 4-Point Program and relapse prevention planning.
The tools and worksheets can be found in the resources section of the main SMART Recovery® website at   http://www.smartrecovery.org/resources/toolchest.htm

Articles and Essays

This section contains articles and essays that
are helpful in exploring all aspects of recovery.
There are articles on the application of
SMART Recovery® principles and strategies.
The articles and essays can be found at

Introduction to SMART Recovery®

People new to SMART Recovery® can find information on the program principles, tools and techniques and what to expect at a meeting. This information  is available as presentations and videos on the main website.

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