SMART RECOVERY® Facilitator Training

Interested in becoming a SMART Recovery® meeting Facilitator or Volunteer? SMART Recovery® offers an online Distance Training Program for individuals who are 
  • planning to start a new SMART Recovery® face-to-face meeting 
  • facilitate an existing SMART Recovery® face-to-face
  • those who are interested in becoming a SMART Recovery® Online (SROL) Volunteer 

More information can be found on the main website at

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Professional Education and Training Opportunities

Training in Rational Emotive Behaviour and Cognitive Therapy for Professionals 
provided by the 
Centre for Rational and Cognitive Therapies
located in Brockville, Ontario.

Workshop for the Treatment of Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders from a SMART Recovery® Perspective
During this 3-day workshop for professionals will have the opportunity to 
  • review the SMART Recovery® Therapy Manual. 
  •  be introduced theory of REBT 
  • facilitate a therapeutic group  and develop group work skills during the practicum. 

The manual can be purchased from the SMART Recovery bookstore

Certificate Training in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy

Professionals can receive certificates in both the Primary and Advanced Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy. Certificate training is offered for specialized workshops including the treatment of anger and the treatment of addictions. Several other professional workshops are also available. Certificate workshops are recognized by the Albert Ellis Institute in New York. 

For more information about professional workshops contact the Centre for Rational and Cognitive Therapies

SMART Recovery® Ontario
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Brockville, Ontario
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Phone: (613) 342-8140

Training Opportunities